Event: Nourish the Sol Mental Health Conference

Save the Date: Saturday, September 22, 2018

Time: 9am-2pm

Location: San Francisco Courtyard Marriott

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Ris of Vibelife is partnering up with a fellow sister, Michelle Singleton, and will be doing the closing ceremony for this event. Leading with a meditation and affirmations from 1:30pm-2pm.

Nourish the Sol is a mental and emotional wellness conference BY women FOR women. Workshop facilitators will empower, educate, and create space for women of all backgrounds to take time to address their mental, spiritual, and emotional needs. The current social and political climate has directly impacted the rights and wellbeing of women; therefore, it is essential for us to connect with and support one another regardless of our differences. Nourish the Sol will provide a variety of breakout sessions, vendors, and a keynote that will speak to the values and importance of holistic wellness. We welcome women of all races/ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions, and abilities. Join us.

Important Information:

  • Ages 14+

  • Designed for those who identify as women/girls

  • Lunch not included. A list of nearby dining locations will be provided

  • Complimentary beverages

  • Swag bag included

  • Access to mental health-focused vendors

  • In order to provide a calming, centered environment, we will not be providing childcare at the conference. Thank you for understanding.

First Breakout Session:

(Option # 1)

Presenter: Natalia “Natasha” Ventsko, Esq., MSW

The Magic of Us: What it looks like to disrupt the impact of ‘isms.


1) The relationship between healing, growth, and actualizing- and how these are necessary steps for physical and spiritual maturity.

2) How experiencing "isms" (capitalism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, xenophobia, etc.) inhibits healing, growth, and self-actualizing by creating and/or exacerbating pre-existing mental health challenges.

3) Share how the use of ancestral practices can disrupt these interconnected cycles. Room: 2

(Option # 2)

Presenter: Cynthia Siadat, LCSW

I got your Back: The Connection Between Support, Effective Relationships, and Our Success as a Community.

An interactive workshop to help participants learn ways in how to effectively support other women and those they love. At the end of this workshop, participants will leave with a renewed meaning and the importance of having each other’s backs as women -- both today and every day.

(Option # 3) Presenter: Arlette Molina, LMFT

Motherhood + Mental Health: The importance of protecting your mental health and finding balance in motherhood.

This workshop will discuss the warning signs of mental and/or emotional exhaustion and help debunk the myths of what depression looks like. It will present an overview of commonly experienced mental health disorders during pregnancy and postpartum along with their effective treatments. It will also introduce ways to promote mental well-being to aid in finding a healthy balance between motherhood and your own identity outside of motherhood.

Second Breakout Session:

(Option # 1)

Presenter: Abigail Kirar, AMFT

The 5-minute, Queen Worthy, Self-Care Plan: How to Practice Self Care (without a lot of time) and still feel like a Queen.

You are invited to acknowledge your inner Queen. Inside every woman there is a Goddess, A Queen, A huntress. These aspects of our feminine nature need acknowledgement, nourishment and care. But how can we do this in a fast-paced male driven society? How can we stay resilient even when in the midst of chaos? Come learn science-backed, trauma-informed, self-care strategies that will leave you feeling like a Queen. Learn the effects of everyday trauma on women and how self-care can keep you resilient and strong.

(Option # 2)

Presenter: Daisy Ozim, BS in Public Health/World Development.

Eating to Live vs. Living to Eat: Nutrition and its Impacts on our Mental Health

Mental health and nutrition are intimately connected. As women, it is easy for us to fall into emotional eating and fast food nutrition that leaves us feeling depleted and unhealthy. This workshop addresses that reality, how to recognize mood changes in relation to diet and develop a plan to create a diet that promotes mental well-being.

(Option # 3)

Presenter: Rahwa Neguse, MS, MPA

Self-Love is Revolutionary

This workshop is geared for women who feel overworked, unappreciated, and are burnt out. We will focus on the following themes: Self-love, claiming your power, making the subconscious conscious (face-to-face with internalized trauma), and practical self-care techniques.

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