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Event: Conscious San Jose Festival

Save the date: Saturday, September 22, 2018

Time: 9am-8pm

Location: St. James Park, San Jose, CA

Event info:


Vibelife will be offering on-site reading services in the Healing Village area of this festival.

Sliding scale donations for your choice of tarot, oracle cards, astrology, dowsing, and crystal gemstone readings.

Vibelife is collaborating with You Are Magik and Sapho, sharing a tent that will also offer reiki and massages.

Please come hang with us in our healing lounge!

Conscious San Jose Festival: Yoga - Culture - Compassion

We’ve put together a lineup of over 25 classes and workshops on yoga, sound healing, movement, meditation, self-care, sustainable agriculture and more. Get ready for a full day of commUnity healing and connection plus music, art and resources for those in need. Visit our website for more info on who’s teaching, our partners and festival info:



This is a no-fences event and entry to the festival is free. Unlimited access to all classes and workshops = $30 Youth receive free access to all classes and workshops. Free yoga class at 5PM. Free music all day.




As our biggest event of the year, Conscious San Jose Festival celebrates a culture of wellness in San Jose. To us, wellness doesn’t just mean a healthy body, it also means a clear mind and a nourished spirit, experienced individually and as a community.

Conscious San Jose Festival intentionally blends yoga, sound healing, meditation and movement practices with arts, music, and community service. A healthy connection with your body and mind nourishes creativity, expression, and a sense of community identity. In the spirit of inclusion the festival is hosted at St. James Park with no fences. You are invited to connect with yourself and each other through the lens of compassion. Conscious San Jose Festival is more than yoga, it’s a celebration of wellness culture that is unique to San Jose.

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing this experience with you!

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